[openstack-dev] [Solum] Should logs be deleted when we delete an app?

Devdatta Kulkarni devdatta.kulkarni at RACKSPACE.COM
Mon Jun 15 14:56:02 UTC 2015

Yes, the log deletion should be optional.

The question is what should be the default behavior. Should the default be to delete the logs and provide a flag to keep them, or keep the logs by default and provide a override flag to delete them?

Delete-by-default is consistent with the view that when an app is deleted, all its artifacts are deleted (the app's meta data, the deployment units (DUs), and the logs). This behavior is also useful in our current state when the app resource and the CLI are in flux. For now, without a way to specify a flag, either to delete the logs or to keep them, delete-by-default behavior helps us clean all the log files from the application's cloud files container when an app is deleted.

This is very useful for our CI jobs. Without this, we end up with lots of log files in the application's container,

and have to resort to separate scripts to delete them up after an app is deleted.

Once the app resource and CLI stabilize it should be straightforward to change the default behavior if required.

- Devdatta

From: Adrian Otto <adrian.otto at rackspace.com>
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Subject: [openstack-dev] [Solum] Should logs be deleted when we delete an app?


We currently delete logs for an app when we delete the app[1].


Perhaps there should be an optional setting at the tenant level that determines whether your logs are deleted or not by default (set to off initially), and an optional parameter to our DELETE calls that allows for the opposite action from the default to be specified if the user wants to override it at the time of the deletion. Thoughts?


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