[openstack-dev] Please Merge patches titled "Merge Tag ..."

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Tue Jun 9 13:35:55 UTC 2015


When we cut a release, we do so on a branch. This means that the tag for
the release is not in the master branch of the repo, which means git can
produce unexpected output in some cases.

To solve this, we have the proposal bot propose a null-merge of the tag
back in to master. The patch in question is a null-merge - it contains
no changes to the master branch ... although the patch in gerrit will
_look_ disgusting - that's really just how gerrit is showing you the
content that is different that the null merge is not merging.

I'd like to ask that Core Teams approve these when they show up. They're
a mechanism of the release process and Thierry becomes sad when they
don't merge.

The most recent batch had a bunch of projects ignore them, so the
null-merge that was generated is now in conflict. We're going to re-run
the process that generates the commits - when the new ones come in -
please merge them to make the release team happy.


PS. If you ever get a patch from the OpenStack Proposal Bot and you are
either unsure why, or you are opposed to it, please feel free to come
ask in #openstack-infra. All of those are part of some generalized
automated process, and someone in channel can either explain why, or
needs to understand your concerns to alleviate them.

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