[openstack-dev] [all][infra][tc][ptl] Scaling up code review process (subdir cores)

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Wed Jun 3 20:41:50 UTC 2015

On 2015-06-03 13:22:50 -0700 (-0700), Joshua Harlow wrote:
> I don't know if thats easy or not, but prolog seems like way
> overkill.

Prolog is the extension mechanism Gerrit has settled on. If the goal
is to have Gerrit enforce voting permissions on changes based on
which files are modified in a particular change, it looks like the
only current likely solution (well that or contributing a different
solution upstream to Gerrit, if they can be convinced it's a
worthwhile use case).

> Maybe others not in infra can do most of the work?

I would definitely like to see Boris or one of the Rally devs
install a local Gerrit and test out the file-based vote filtering
mechanism proposed, but first I think it's a worthwhile exercise to
get the Rally community to manually follow the rules Boris is
talking about and work out any obvious kinks/corner cases before we
spend time worrying about automating them.

> If we have issues scaling the infra team (do we?), that might just
> be a different issue that this rally request is scratching the
> surface of that should be brought up and resolved?

It's in progress... Always in progress, but as with many of our
horizontal support projects there's a tragedy of the commons at
Jeremy Stanley

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