[openstack-dev] [Neutron][Kuryr][kolla] - Bringing Dockers networking to Neutron

Steven Dake (stdake) stdake at cisco.com
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I’m not clear exactly what you plan to do with regards to building docker containers for Neutron, but the Kolla project has developed both linuxbridge and ovs agents as well as a complete running Neutron system inside container technology.  We can launch it AIO with docker-compose, or alternatively it can be launched AIO or multinode with Ansible.  Note we have a complete OpenStack implementation, not just Neutron.

We would welcome additional driver support using the standard OpenStack gerrit workflow.


Note we are also in the process of adding build from source to our tree here:


For further background on Kolla, check out our wiki page:


Best wishes,

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Subject: [openstack-dev] [Neutron][Kuryr] - Bringing Dockers networking to Neutron

Hello Everyone,

Project Kuryr is now officially part of Neutron's big tent.
Kuryr is aimed to be used as a generic docker remote driver that connects docker to Neutron API's
and provide containerised images for the common Neutron plugins.
We also plan on providing common additional networking services API's from other sub projects
in the Neutron big tent.

We hope to get everyone on board with this project and leverage this joint effort for the many different solutions out there (instead of everyone re-inventing the wheel for each different project).

We want to start doing a weekly IRC meeting to coordinate the different requierments and
tasks, so anyone that is interested to participate please share your time preference
and we will try to find the best time for the majority.

Remember we have people in Europe, Tokyo and US, so we won't be able to find time that fits

The currently proposed time is  Wedensday at 16:00 UTC

Please reply with your suggested time/day,
Hope to see you all, we have an interesting and important project ahead of us

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