[openstack-dev] Build dependency loop: python-os-client-config and python-oslotest

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Tue Jul 7 20:53:14 UTC 2015

On 07/07/2015 03:42 PM, Monty Taylor wrote:
> On 07/07/2015 03:00 PM, Doug Hellmann wrote:
>> Excerpts from Steve Martinelli's message of 2015-07-07 14:51:33 -0400:
>>> Direct dependency for functional testing:
>>> https://github.com/openstack/oslotest/blob/6bd1f64542d5826cef288b43210650b50ba02ca3/oslotest/functional.py#L16
>> It looks like that's something the os-client-config library should
>> provide, either as a fixture or just in the form it has now.
> So - we could do that for sure - but I wanted to make sure that
> everybody doing functional tests could just have fixture that knows how
> to deal with the clouds.yaml files that we're dropping on devstack nodes
> now without having to add an explicit oscc depend.
> That said - I betcha we can do this better. Lemme poke


We don't really need oslotest in os-client-config as much as we need
os-client-config in oslotest, imho.

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