[openstack-dev] [Fuel] [Nailgun] Deadlocks and random test failures

Vitaly Kramskikh vkramskikh at mirantis.com
Wed Dec 30 12:57:59 UTC 2015


We have a long-living issue with deadlocks in nailgun which used to almost
harmless and caused rare test failures. But test failures become more
frequent and today there is ~20% probability that they will fail on a
working code, which is really annoying. Moreover, a few weeks ago it
started to affect UI functional tests: cluster reset task may hang
<https://bugs.launchpad.net/fuel/+bug/1529613>, so this issue now may
affect real deployments.

I think we need to do something with it ASAP.

Vitaly Kramskikh,
Fuel UI Tech Lead,
Mirantis, Inc.
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