[openstack-dev] [puppet] adding puppet-rally to OpenStack

Emilien Macchi emilien at redhat.com
Thu Dec 24 11:14:47 UTC 2015

On 12/24/2015 02:16 AM, Andy Botting wrote:
> Hi Emilien,
>     Emilien Macchi wrote:
>     > I just noticed we have a second module written by Cody:
>     > https://github.com/ody/puppet-rally
>     >
>     > We might want to collaborate on that.
>     >
>     Yeah...I'd actually completely forgotten that existed until Emilien
>     mentioned it to me in IRC.
>     It was my responsibility to deploy rally for our production cloud so I
>     started down the road of building a rally module that I intended to ship
>     upstream but things never panned out.  I pretty much ran cookiecutter
>     and then added the openstack-rally package resource that was dependent
>     on our internal RPM repository that contained a openstack-rally package
>     I built myself because one existed no where else.  I never actually ran
>     the module through Puppet.
>     Since we were behind on deployment I put rally on the back burner until
>     I had something fully functional in pre-production to start running
>     rally against.  Plus, at that time we were pre-liberty release so no one
>     was shipping an openstack-rally package which would have made putting
>     the module I started into the upstream project difficult since it would
>     be unusable and untestable.  So, instead I focussed on tying off some
>     other internal things and my OpenStack time was spent working on already
>     established Puppet OpenStack community items, reviews and CI.
>     Now we are in December and Mitaka is in full swing, there are
>     openstack-rally packages upstream in Mitaka repos, and our internal
>     pre-production install is fully functional so...I am back to working on
>     a rally deployment.  I am happy to collaborate on merging/just promoting
>     one of these modules to upstream.  I do not have a preference for which
>     one does become upstream; in their current state they probably both need
>     a fresh run through cookiecutter and msync
> As discussed on IRC, I've started a new puppet-rally module:
> https://github.com/andybotting/puppet-rally
> It's based on a fresh run of cookiecutter/msync and it's fairly
> complete. There's a few tests in there, but they're failing due to not
> being able to find an official rally package.
> When I'm back at work in the new year, I'll be looking to switch our
> production system over to this new module to test it.
> Rally has a lot of config options, so I wrote a hacky script to pull all
> the options from the default rally.conf file and use them in the module.
> It makes the init.pp params pretty long. I thought an alternative could
> have been to pass in a hash of override params, but I prefer it this way
> TBH.
> Let me know what you think.

I think we would love having this module part of OpenStack, if it's ok
for you.

The process to move it is documented [1] but I can take care of it if
you prefer, just let me know.

Thanks for your collaboration, we're looking forward to have
puppet-rally part of our forge.

[1] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Puppet/New_module
Emilien Macchi

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