[openstack-dev] [puppet] adding puppet-rally to OpenStack

Cody Herriges cody at herriges.org
Wed Dec 16 19:38:28 UTC 2015

Emilien Macchi wrote:
> I just noticed we have a second module written by Cody:
> https://github.com/ody/puppet-rally
> We might want to collaborate on that.

Yeah...I'd actually completely forgotten that existed until Emilien
mentioned it to me in IRC.

It was my responsibility to deploy rally for our production cloud so I
started down the road of building a rally module that I intended to ship
upstream but things never panned out.  I pretty much ran cookiecutter
and then added the openstack-rally package resource that was dependent
on our internal RPM repository that contained a openstack-rally package
I built myself because one existed no where else.  I never actually ran
the module through Puppet.

Since we were behind on deployment I put rally on the back burner until
I had something fully functional in pre-production to start running
rally against.  Plus, at that time we were pre-liberty release so no one
was shipping an openstack-rally package which would have made putting
the module I started into the upstream project difficult since it would
be unusable and untestable.  So, instead I focussed on tying off some
other internal things and my OpenStack time was spent working on already
established Puppet OpenStack community items, reviews and CI.

Now we are in December and Mitaka is in full swing, there are
openstack-rally packages upstream in Mitaka repos, and our internal
pre-production install is fully functional so...I am back to working on
a rally deployment.  I am happy to collaborate on merging/just promoting
one of these modules to upstream.  I do not have a preference for which
one does become upstream; in their current state they probably both need
a fresh run through cookiecutter and msync.


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