[openstack-dev] [midonet] how to configure static route for uplink

Li Ma skywalker.nick at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 15:57:31 UTC 2015

Hi, I'm following [1] to configure static route for uplink. I'm not
sure whether I'm getting it.

(1) Floating-IP subnet (gateway?) configuration in the guide?
(2) eth0 configuration in the guide?
(3) Do I need to configure uplink physical router? back route to eth0?
(4) What if I just bind router0:port0 to physical nic: eth0, and don't
do the uplink bridge and veth pair stuff. Can it work?

[1] https://docs.midonet.org/docs/v2015.06/en/operations-guide/content/static_setup.html


Li Ma (Nick)
Email: skywalker.nick at gmail.com

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