[openstack-dev] OpenStack-Announce List

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Mon Dec 14 11:33:05 UTC 2015

Tom Fifield wrote:
> ... and back to this thread after a few weeks :)
> The conclusions I saw were:
> * Audience for openstack-announce should be "users/non-dev"
> * Service project releases announcements are good
> * Client library release announcements good
> * Security announcements are good
> * Internal library (particularly oslo) release announcements don't fit
> Open Questions:
> * Where do Internal library release announcements go? [-dev or new
> -release list or batched inside the weekly newsletter]

I'd say -dev + batched inside the weekly -dev digest from thingee (and
crosspost that one to -announce). Even if the audience is "users" I
think getting a weekly digest from the -dev ML can't hurt ?

> * Do SDK releases fit on -announce?

I guess they could -- how many of those are we expecting ?

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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