[openstack-dev] [Murano] How to debug a failed deployment?

Vahid S Hashemian vahidhashemian at us.ibm.com
Wed Dec 2 21:08:23 UTC 2015


I am trying to deploy a hello world HOT package in murano but the 
deployment runs forever and does not stop (does not succeed or fail).
Stan advised me to modify the config setting below to set a timeout:

# Time for waiting for a response from murano agent during the
# deployment (integer value)
agent_timeout = 300

As you see I set the timeout to 300 seconds and restarted murano API, but 
even after 15 minutes my deployment is still going.
I think my environment is not configured correctly for this to happen.

I have devstack running on a VM, and my murano development is done on a 
separate VM.
I bring up murano API and UI on my dev VM that successfully connect to my 
devstack VM.

I am able to deploy the HOT yaml using heat without an issue.
>From what I can see it seems that murano is not able to talk to heat, 
because I don't see any stack being created as a result of my deployment.

I have also enabled murano logging in the config file as below:

# (Optional) Name of log file to output to. If no default is set,
# logging will go to stdout. (string value)
# Deprecated group/name - [DEFAULT]/logfile
log_file = /opt/stack/logs/murano.log

But no error  is reported while the deployment is in progress.

Any tips on how to force the timeout, and also on how to resolve the 
deployment problem is appreciated.


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