[openstack-dev] [cross-project] Cross-project Liaisons

michael mccune msm at redhat.com
Tue Dec 1 16:14:38 UTC 2015

On 11/30/2015 08:30 PM, Mike Perez wrote:
> Hello all,
> Currently for cross-project specs, the author of the spec spends the time to
> explain why a certain feature makes sense to be across multiple projects. This
> also includes giving technical solutions for it working with a variety of
> services and making sure everyone is happy.
> Today we have the following problems:
> * Authors of specs can't progress forward with specs because of lack of
>    attention. Eventually getting frustrated and giving up.
> * Some projects could miss a cross-project spec being approved by the TC.
> It has been expressed to me at the previous Cross-Project Communication Tokyo
> summit session that PTLs don't have time for cross-project issues. I agree, as
> being a previous PTL your time is thin. However, I do think someone from each
> project needs to be aware and involved with cross-project initiatives.
> I would like to propose cross-project liaisons which would have the following
> duties:
> * Watching the cross-project spec repo [1].
>    - Comment on specs that involve your project. +1 to carry forward for TC
>      approval.
>      -- If you're not able to provide technical guidance on certain specs for
>         your project, it's up to you to get the right people involved.
>      -- Assuming you get someone else involved, it's up to you to make sure they
>         keep up with communication.
>    - Communicate back to your project's meeting on certain cross-project specs
>      when necessary. This is also good for the previous bullet point of sourcing
>      who would have technical knowledge for certain specs.
> * Attend the cross-project meeting when it's called for [2].
> [1] - https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:+openstack/openstack-specs+status:+open,n,z
> [2] - https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/CrossProjectMeeting

this sounds like a nice idea. it will still be an added layer of work to 
get visibility/approval for cross-project specs, but defining the 
process a little more thoroughly might help with the visibility issues.

it does seems like there might be an ever-expanding list of project 
liaisons to work with as the openstack community grows, do you envision 
any mechanisms outside the usual channels of communication to aid this 


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