[openstack-dev] [nova-docker][ceilometer][heat] Autoscaling docker in openstack

Sergey Kraynev skraynev at mirantis.com
Fri Apr 17 13:31:55 UTC 2015

Hi, Ashish.

Honestly I am not familiar with most part of these ways, but can add more
information from Heat side (item 2).

I am surprised, that you have missed Heat autoscaling mechanism (You should
look it :) ). It's one of the important part of Heat project.
It allows to scale vms/stacks by using Ceilometer alarms. There are couple
examples of autoscale templates:

   (with LoadBalancer)

It's true, that Docker plugin for Heat create docker server on Nova::Server
resource. So you may write template Docker resource + Server resource
(similar on third template) and scale by using Ceilometer alarms.
If you have any questions how to use it, please got to #heat irc channel
and ask us :)
Also another way (AFAIK) is to use SoftwareDeployment/Config and deploy
Server with docker inside (without docker plugin). In this way, I suppose,
Steve Baker can help with advise :)

On 17 April 2015 at 16:06, <ashish.jain14 at wipro.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have been working on running docker on openstack. I had a discussion on
> multiple IRC and IIUC there are 5 different ways of running docker on
> openstack. IIUC currently there is no way to autoscale docker on openstack.
> Please correct me if I am wrong
> 1) Using nova-docker driver - Running docker as a Nova::Server using
> nova-docker hypervisor
> 2) Using nova-plugin for heat - Running docker using
> DockerInc::Docker::Container
> 3) Using magnum - IIUC no automation as of now, manually it is possible.
> Not enough documentation available
> 4) heat compose - Saw some samples available @
> https://github.com/openstack/heat-templates/tree/master/hot/software-config/elements/heat-config-docker-compose
> 5) Swarm support - Still in development
> Issues with each on the above approaches
> 1) Using nova-docker driver - IIUC there is no way for ceilometer to
> collect and emit statistics for docker hypervisor. So that mean ceilometer
> does not have any stats available once you switch to docker driver.
> This link (
> https://github.com/openstack/ceilometer/tree/master/ceilometer/compute/virt)
> currently does not have anything for docker hypervisor.
> 2) Using nova-plugin for heat - Using this approach docker containers run
> on a Nova VM. However I do not see any illustration which suggests that you
> can autoscale using this approach.
> 3) Using magnum - Currently only possible by manually invoking it.
> 4) heat compose - Sample available at the above link just talks about
> deploying it up but nothing about auto scaling
> 5) Swarm Support - Still in dev
> While I understand some of these options may enable us during the future
> release to autoscale docker on openstack. But looking currently I feel
> option #1 is most mature(probably) and by plugging in a ceilometer
> inspector for docker hypervisor it may be possible. Another approach could
> be to using cfn-push-stats to probably push some stats from docker
> container.
> Please advice through your valued suggestions that time being what is the
> best way to achieve auto scaling for docker on openstack. I am ready to
> contribute to it in the best possible way.
> Regards
> Ashish
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