[openstack-dev] [opentack-dev][meetings] Proposing changes in Rally meetings

Boris Pavlovic boris at pavlovic.me
Fri Apr 17 13:26:29 UTC 2015

Rally team,

I would like to propose next changes in Rally meetings:

  - We should start making agenda for each meeting and publish it to Rally

  - We should do 2 meeting per week:

     * First is regular meeting (like we have now) where we are discussing

     * Second is release management meeting, where we are discussing
priorities for
       current & next release. So core team will know what to review first.

  - Move meetings from #openstack-meeting to #openstack-rally chat.

  - We should adjust better time for current Rally team. Like at the moment
it is too late
     for few of cores in Rally. it's 17:00 UTC and I would like to suggest
to make at 15:00 UTC.

  - Do meetings every Monday and Wednesday

Thoughts ?

Best regards,
Boris Pavlovic
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