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Amrith Kumar amrith at tesora.com
Tue Apr 7 15:58:58 UTC 2015

CS and EE schools today use open source software as the basis for a lot of coursework and as the practical example for several concepts. Most often the exemplar system is Linux. Yet if students are even taught about the cloud, they often learn about that other cloud company from Seattle.

I think OpenStack is the ideal exemplar system for a whole lot of CS/EE courses. No matter what area of computer science you are interested in, there's an OpenStack project (or in some cases several) that you can study.

I think the fact that you can have the entire cloud on your laptop, source code and all, is incredibly powerful in the classroom. Not only can you see how the system works, but you can also tweak it or fix it if you find something to be wrong. Some students also learn about software development methodologies by contributing to a fictional open source project. Why do that when they can instead be contributing code to a real open source project?

I think there's a huge opportunity for us to take OpenStack in the Classroom (a longer post about my experience doing this last week is at http://www.tesora.com/openstack-in-the-classroom/). My thanks to dims and Kamesh Pemmaraju for helping me with this at short notice.

Let us make (and I'm looking to the Foundation to support this as a formal initiative) it a priority to have every university offer courses on computer science and cloud computing with OpenStack as the exemplar system.

Personally, I'm going to work with educational institutions in Massachusetts and near Toronto (where Tesora has offices, and where I tend to spend most of my time) to try and make available a course on cloud computing with OpenStack as the exemplar system. I'm going to make the materials, and offer to teach the course, and I will contribute the materials to the Foundation.

So this is an open offer to any university in MA and near Toronto; if you want someone to develop and deliver a course on cloud computing, please let me know!

I think we can all come together and take OpenStack to the Classrooms so that every graduating student interested in cloud computing has a working knowledge of OpenStack.



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