[openstack-dev] [openstack clients] Client bash_completion script discovery

Kirill Zaitsev kzaitsev at mirantis.com
Thu Apr 2 15:56:14 UTC 2015

Hello all,

Most OS python-xxxclient projects include a tools/xxx.bash_completion file, that is invaluable for working with said clients. Correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I see the script is not packaged with any of the python packages on the pypi. If the end user wants to install client with

pip install python-xxxclient

she would have to go to that packages git repository and checkout the file by hand (and source it of course).

I think it might be a good idea to include completion script with the client in the pypi package and add a separate command, smth like `bash-completion-script` or `completion-script bash`, that would print the script on the stdout.

Since this applies basically to any python-xxxclient — I’d like to ask for input on this idea. Maybe someone already has a similar solution?

Kirill Zaitsev
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