[openstack-dev] [oslo] kilo graduation plans

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Wed Nov 12 19:06:02 UTC 2014

During our “Graduation Schedule” summit session we worked through the list of modules remaining the in the incubator. Our notes are in the etherpad [1], but as part of the "Write it Down” theme for Oslo this cycle I am also posting a summary of the outcome here on the mailing list for wider distribution. Let me know if you remembered the outcome for any of these modules differently than what I have written below.


Deleted or deprecated modules:

funcutils.py - This was present only for python 2.6 support, but it is no longer used in the applications. We are keeping it in the stable/juno branch of the incubator, and removing it from master (https://review.openstack.org/130092)

hooks.py - This is not being used anywhere, so we are removing it. (https://review.openstack.org/#/c/125781/)

quota.py - A new quota management system is being created (https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kilo-oslo-common-quota-library) and should replace this, so we will keep it in the incubator for now but deprecate it.

crypto/utils.py - We agreed to mark this as deprecated and encourage the use of Barbican or cryptography.py (https://review.openstack.org/134020)

cache/ - Morgan is going to be working on a new oslo.cache library as a front-end for dogpile, so this is also deprecated (https://review.openstack.org/134021)

apiclient/ - With the SDK project picking up steam, we felt it was safe to deprecate this code as well (https://review.openstack.org/134024).

xmlutils.py - This module was used to provide a security fix for some XML modules that have since been updated directly. It was removed. (https://review.openstack.org/#/c/125021/)


- Dims is driving this
- https://blueprints.launchpad.net/oslo-incubator/+spec/graduate-oslo-context
- includes:

- Sachi is driving this
- https://blueprints.launchpad.net/oslo-incubator/+spec/graduate-oslo-service
- includes:

- We need to look into how to preserve the git history as we import these modules.
- includes:

Remaining untouched:

scheduler/ - Gantt probably makes this code obsolete, but it isn’t clear whether Gantt has enough traction yet so we will hold onto these in the incubator for at least another cycle.

report/ - There’s interest in creating an oslo.reports library containing this code, but we haven’t had time to coordinate with Solly about doing that.

Other work:

We will continue the work on oslo.concurrency and oslo.log that we started during Juno.

[1] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kilo-oslo-library-proposals

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