[openstack-dev] [Ironic] PXE driver deploy issues

Rohan Kanade openstack at rohankanade.com
Thu Jan 30 16:04:46 UTC 2014


I have been trying to use the PXE driver along with  a unreleased power and
vendor passthru driver from SeaMicro to provision a node in Ironic.

Has anyone successfully used the PXE driver to get the deploy image onto
the node and then actually completing the deployment?

I have created a deployment kernel and ramdisk using the
diskimage-builder's "deploy-ironic" and "ubuntu" elements.

After calling /v1/nodes/<my_node_uuid>/states/provision, my Node
"provision_state" is stuck at "deploying" and i can also see that there is
no way to actually call "pass_deploy_info" pxe vendor passthru which dd's
the user image to the server.

The tftp logs and /tftpboot directory shows tokens and images which Ironic
conductor wants to use as deployment image.

Am i missing some steps here?

Rohan Kanade
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