[openstack-dev] Nova V2 Quota API

Vinod Kumar Boppanna vinod.kumar.boppanna at cern.ch
Wed Jan 29 14:48:18 UTC 2014


In the Documentation, it was mentioned that there are two API's to see the quotas of a tenant.

1. v2/{tenant_id}/os-quota-sets - Shows quotas for a tenant

2. v2/{tenant_id}/os-quota-sets/{tenant_id}/{user_id} - Enables an admin to show quotas for a specified tenant and a user

I guess the first API can be used by a member in a tenant to get the quotas of that tenant. The second one can be run by admin to get the quotas of any tenant or any user.

But through normal user when i am running any of the below (after authentication)

$> nova --debug quota-show --tenant <tenant_id>    (tenant id of a project in which this user is member)
It is calling the second API i.e  v2/{tenant_id}/os-quota-sets/{tenant_id}

or even when i am calling directly the API

$>  curl -i -H"X-Auth-Token:$TOKEN" -H "Content-type: application/json" http://localhost:8774/v2/<tenant_id>/os-quota-sets/<http://localhost:8774/v2/2665b63d29a1493990ab1c5412fc838d/os-quota-sets/>
It says the "Resource not found".

So, Is the first API is available?

Vinod Kumar Boppanna
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