[openstack-dev] [Neutron] Building a new open source NFV system for Neutron

Calum Loudon Calum.Loudon at metaswitch.com
Thu Jan 23 16:42:16 UTC 2014

Hi Luke

That sounds fantastic.  As an NFV application developer I'm very pleased
to see this contribution which looks to eliminate the key bottleneck
hitting the performance of very high packet throughput apps on

A couple of questions on features and implementation:

1.  If I create a VM with say neutron and Open vSwitch then I get a TAP
device + Linux bridge + veth device between the VM and the vSwitch, with
the Linux bridge needed for implementing anti-spoofing iptables rules/
security group support.  What will the stack look like with your NFV
driver in place?  Will your stack implement equivalent security functions,
or will those functions not be available?

2. Are you planning to support live migration?



Calum Loudon
Director of Architecture
Metaswitch Networks

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Howdy Stackers!

We are developing a new open source Network Functions Virtualization
driver for Neutron. I am writing to you now to ask for early advice
that could help us to smoothly bring this work upstream into OpenStack

The background is that we are open source developers working to
satisfy the NFV requirements of large service provider networks
including Deutsche Telekom's TeraStream project [1] [2]. We are
developing a complete NFV stack for this purpose: from the DPDK-like
traffic plane all the way up to the Neutron ML2 driver.

We are developing against Havana, we attended the Icehouse summit and
had a lot of great discussions in Hong Kong, and our ambition is to
start bringing running code upstream into Juno.

Our work is 100% open source and we want to work in the open with the
wider OpenStack community. Currently we are in "heads-down hacking
mode" on the core functionality, but it would be wonderful to connect
with the upstream communities who we hope to be working with more in
the future (that's you guys).

More details on Github:

Thanks for reading!


[1] Ivan Pepelnjak on TeraStream:
[2] Peter Löthberg's presentation on TeraStream at RIPE 67:

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