[openstack-dev] new keystone developer

Mario Adessi mario.adessi at live.com
Thu Jan 23 02:28:59 UTC 2014

I'd like to begin contributing to the keystone project.
Keystone, along with all the other major infrastructure components in OpenStack, is a rather large project. I've read over the developer documentation, but was hoping to get help with some questions.
(1) Are there diagrams that describe how various classes, functions, etc. interact with one another?
(2) What's the best way to debug keystone when editing existing code or adding? Tips from those who do this every day would be greatly appreciated.
(3) Is there a way to import large chunks (or, preferably, all) of keystone into iPython? This makes debugging super easy and would fit in nicely with my existing workflow with other projects.
(4) Any other tips / tricks to help jumpstart tinkering with code?
Many thanks.-mario 		 	   		  
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