[openstack-dev] instance migration strangeness in devstack

Dan Genin daniel.genin at jhuapl.edu
Thu Jan 16 16:24:27 UTC 2014

Raw backed instance migration also works so this appears to be an LVM issue.

On 01/16/2014 11:04 AM, Dan Genin wrote:
> Thank you for replying, Vish. I did sync and verified that the file 
> was written to the host disk by mounting the LVM volume on the host.
> When I tried live migration I got a Horizon blurb "Error: Failed to 
> live migrate instance to host" but there were no errors in syslog.
> I have been able to successfully migrate a Qcow2 backed instance.
> Dan
> On 01/16/2014 03:18 AM, Vishvananda Ishaya wrote:
>> This is probably more of a usage question, but I will go ahead and 
>> answer it.
>> If you are writing to the root drive you may need to run the sync 
>> command a few times to make sure that the data has been flushed to 
>> disk before you kick off the migration.
>> The confirm resize step should be deleting the old data, but there 
>> may be a bug in the lvm backend if this isn’t happening. Live(block) 
>> migration will probably be a bit more intuitive.
>> Vish
>> On Jan 15, 2014, at 2:40 PM, Dan Genin <daniel.genin at jhuapl.edu 
>> <mailto:daniel.genin at jhuapl.edu>> wrote:
>>> I think this qualifies as a development question but please let me 
>>> know if I am wrong.
>>> I have been trying to test instance migration in devstack by setting 
>>> up a multi-node devstack following directions at 
>>> http://devstack.org/guides/multinode-lab.html. I tested that indeed 
>>> there were multiple availability zones and that it was possible to 
>>> create instances in each. The I tried migrating an instance from one 
>>> compute node to another using the Horizon interface (I could not 
>>> find a way to /confirm///migration, which is a necessary step, from 
>>> the command line). I created a test file on the instance's ephemeral 
>>> disk, before migrating it, to verify that the data was moved to the 
>>> destination compute node. After migration, I observed an instance 
>>> with the same id active on the destination node but the test file 
>>> was not present.
>>> Perhaps I misunderstand how migration is supposed to work but I 
>>> expected that the data on the ephemeral disk would be migrated with 
>>> the instance. I suppose it could take some time for the ephemeral 
>>> disk to be copied but then I would not expect the instance to become 
>>> active on the destination node before the copy operation was complete.
>>> I also noticed that the ephemeral disk on the source compute node 
>>> was not removed after the instance was migrated, although, the 
>>> instance directory was. Nor was the disk removed after the instance 
>>> was destroyed. I was using LVM backend for my tests.
>>> I can provide more information about my setup but I just wanted to 
>>> check whether I was doing (or expecting) something obviously stupid.
>>> Thank you,
>>> Dan
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