[openstack-dev] [oslo] need input on new config option for logging translations

Luis A. Garcia luis at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Tue Jan 14 16:27:10 UTC 2014

On 1/14/2014 6:59 AM, Doug Hellmann wrote:
>     I think the reason for this is simply user convenience. It's easier
>     for the user to just set one of those log properties from the
>     project.conf, and the "heavy lifting" such the creation of specific:
>     Logger, LogHandler, LogFormatter, LogAdapters, etc. is done behind
>     the scenes. For that reason I think having this option is useful for
>     our users so they can use the new log feature we implemented.
> It is more convenient for the user if we make them start from scratch,
> which is why I proposed that we deliver a sample configuration file
> specifically for this feature.

I really don't think having users start from scratch is more convenient 
for them.

> My main concern with adding another option is that I don't know how many
> deployers will really want to log in more than one language at a time.
> Those deployers who do want it may want more control over where those
> logs are written than the simple option proposed will give them, too.
> The logging.conf file gives them complete control for advanced
> configurations, and a sample file gives them an easy way to turn on
> simple file logging in multiple languages.

We can address this by allowing the property to accept more than one 
language at a time. Now yes, the logging.conf gives complete control 
including where the translated log will go to (e.g. file, console, etc.) 
however this is a quick and easy way to start using the translated log 
feature with very sensible defaults. For those people currently not 
using logging.conf it is not just a quick and easy way, it is the only 
way of configuring it, without having to redo all their log 
configuration in a logging.conf.

This configuration option allows a quick way to use the feature, and 
provides consistency with every single other log option. I think those 
reasons are valid and the property provides value for users in the form 
of simplicity for using the feature, just like every other log option 
out there in the project.confs.

Thank you,

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