[openstack-dev] [oslo.config] Centralized config management

Clint Byrum clint at fewbar.com
Sat Jan 11 02:38:48 UTC 2014

Excerpts from Nachi Ueno's message of 2014-01-10 13:42:30 -0700:
> Hi Flavio, Clint
> I agree with you guys.
> sorry, may be, I wasn't clear. My opinion is to remove every
> configuration in the node,
> and every configuration should be done by API from central resource
> manager. (nova-api or neturon server etc).
> This is how to add new hosts, in cloudstack, vcenter, and openstack.
> Cloudstack: "Go to web UI, add Host/ID/PW".
> http://cloudstack.apache.org/docs/en-US/Apache_CloudStack/4.0.2/html/Installation_Guide/host-add.html
> vCenter: "Go to vsphere client, Host/ID/PW".
> https://pubs.vmware.com/vsphere-51/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.vmware.vsphere.solutions.doc%2FGUID-A367585C-EB0E-4CEB-B147-817C1E5E8D1D.html
> Openstack,
> - Manual
>    - setup mysql connection config, rabbitmq/qpid connection config,
> keystone config,, neturon config, xxxx
> http://docs.openstack.org/havana/install-guide/install/apt/content/nova-compute.html
> We have some deployment system including chef / puppet / packstack, TripleO
> - Chef/Puppet
>    Setup chef node
>    Add node/ apply role
> - Packstack
>    -  Generate answer file
>       https://access.redhat.com/site/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux_OpenStack_Platform/2/html/Getting_Started_Guide/sect-Running_PackStack_Non-interactively.html
>    -  packstack --install-hosts=,,
> - TripleO
>    - UnderCloud
>        nova baremetal node add
>    - OverCloud
>        modify heat template
> For residence in this mailing list, Chef/Puppet or third party tool is
> easy to use.
> However,  I believe they are magical tools to use for many operators.
> Furthermore, these development system tend to take time to support
> newest release.
> so most of users, OpenStack release didn't means it can be usable for them.
> IMO, current way to manage configuration is the cause of this issue.
> If we manage everything via API, we can manage cluster by horizon.
> Then user can do "go to horizon, just add host".
> It may take time to migrate config to API, so one easy step is to convert
> existing config for API resources. This is the purpose of this proposal.

Hi Nachi. What you've described is the vision for TripleO and Tuskar. We
do not lag the release. We run CD and will be in the gate "real soon
now" so that TripleO should be able to fully deploy Icehouse on Icehouse
release day.

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