[openstack-dev] [TripleO][Tuskar] Domain Model Locations

Imre Farkas ifarkas at redhat.com
Fri Jan 10 16:01:55 UTC 2014

On 01/10/2014 04:27 PM, Jay Dobies wrote:
> Thanks for the feedback  :)
>>> = Stack =
>>> There is a single stack in Tuskar, the "overcloud".
>> A small nit here: in the long term Tuskar will support multiple
>> overclouds.
> Yes, absolutely. I should have added "For Icehouse" like I did in other
> places. Good catch.
>> There's few pieces of concepts which I think is missing from the list:
>> - overclouds: after Heat successfully created the stack, Tuskar needs to
>> keep track whether it applied the post configuration steps (Keystone
>> initialization, registering services, etc) or not. It also needs to know
>> the name of the stack (only 1 stack named 'overcloud' for Icehouse).
> I assumed this sort of thing was captured by the resource status, though
> I'm far from a Heat expert. Is it not enough to assume that if the
> resource started successfully, all of that took place?

I am also far from a Heat expert, I just had a some really hard times 
when I previously expected from my Tuskar deployed overcloud that it's 
ready to use. :-)

In short, having the resources started is not enough, Heat stack-create 
is only a part of the deployment story. There was a few emails on the 
mailing list about this:

There was also a discussion during the last TripleO meeting in December, 
check the topic 'After heat stack-create init operations (lsmola)'

>> - service endpoints of an overcloud: eg. Tuskar-ui in the undercloud
>> will need the url of the overcloud Horizon. The overcloud Keystone owns
>> the information about this (after post configuration is done) and Heat
>> owns the information about the overcloud Keystone.
>> - user credentials for an overcloud: it will be used by Heat during
>> stack creation, by Tuskar during post configuration, by Tuskar-ui
>> querying various information (eg. running vms on a node) and finally by
>> the user logging in to the overcloud Horizon. Now it can be found in the
>> Tuskar-ui settings file [1].
> Both of these are really good points that I haven't seen discussed yet.
> The wireframes cover the allocation of nodes and displaying basic
> details of what's created (even that is still placeholder) but not much
> beyond that.
> I'd like to break that into a separate thread. I'm not saying it's
> unrelated, but since it's not even wireframed out I'd like to have a
> dedicated discussion about what it might look like. I'll start that
> thread up as soon as I collect my thoughts.

Fair point, sorry about that. I haven't seen the latest wireframes, I 
had a few expectations based on the previous version.

>> Imre
>> [1]
>> https://github.com/openstack/tuskar-ui/blob/master/local_settings.py.example#L351

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