[openstack-dev] [Neutron] Multiple config files for neutron server

Eugene Nikanorov enikanorov at mirantis.com
Mon Jan 6 19:45:22 UTC 2014

Hi folks,

Recently we had a discussion with Sean Dague on the matter.
Currently Neutron server has a number of configuration files used for
different purposes:
 - neutron.conf - main configuration parameters, plugins, db and mq
 - plugin.ini - plugin-specific networking settings
 - conf files for ml2 mechanisms drivers (AFAIK to be able to use several
mechanism drivers we need to pass all of these conf files to neutron server)
 - services.conf - recently introduced conf-file to gather vendor-specific
parameters for advanced services drivers.
Particularly, services.conf was introduced to avoid polluting 'generic'
neutron.conf with vendor parameters and sections.

The discussion with Sean was about whether to add services.conf to
neutron-server launching command in devstack (
https://review.openstack.org/#/c/64377/ ). services.conf would be 3rd
config file that is passed to neutron-server along with neutron.conf and

Sean has an argument that providing many conf files in a command line is
not a good practice, suggesting setting up configuration directory instead.
There is no such capability in neutron right now so I'd like to hear
opinions on this before putting more efforts in resolving this in with
other approach than used in the patch on review.

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