[openstack-dev] [nova][heat][[keystone] RFC: introducing "request identification"

Andrew Laski andrew.laski at rackspace.com
Wed Nov 27 21:38:48 UTC 2013

On 11/22/13 at 10:14am, haruka tanizawa wrote:
>Thanks for your reply.
>>I'm working on the implementation of instance-tasks-api[0] in Nova and
>this is what I've been moving towards so far.
>Yes, I know. I think that is good idea.
>>The API will accept a string to be a part of the task but it will have
>meaning only to the client, not to Nova.  Then if >tasks can be searched or
>filtered by that field I think that would meet the requirements you layed
>out above, or is >something missing?
>Hmmm, as far as I understand, keystone(keystone work plan blueprint)
>generate request_id to each request.
>(I think that is a good idea.)
>And task_id is generated by instance-tasks-api.
>Is my understanding of this correct?
>Or if I miss something, thanks for telling me anything.

You're correct on request_id and task_id.  What I'm planning is a string 
field that a user can pass in with the request and it will be part of 
the task representation.  That field will have no meaning to Nova, but a 
client like Heat could use it to ensure that they don't send requests 
twice by checking if there's a task with that field set.

>Haruka Tanizawa

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