[openstack-dev] [TripleO] Summit session wrapup

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Tue Nov 26 23:00:18 UTC 2013

On 26 November 2013 07:41, Jaromir Coufal <jcoufal at redhat.com> wrote:
> Hey Rob,
> can we add 'Slick Overcloud deployment through the UI' to the list? There
> was no session about that, but we discussed it afterwords and agreed that it
> is high priority for Icehouse as well.
> I just want to keep it on the list, so we are aware of that.

Certainly. Please add a blueprint for that and I'll mark itup appropriately.

Related to that we had a long chat in IRC that I was to follow up here, so - ...

Tuskar is refocusing on getting the basics really right - slick basic
install, and then work up. At the same time, just about every nova
person I've spoken too (a /huge/ sample of three, but meh :)) has
expressed horror that Tuskar is doing it's own scheduling, and
confusion about the need to manage flavors in such detail.

So the discussion on IRC was about getting back to basics - a clean
core design and something that we aren't left with technical debt that
we need to eliminate in order to move forward - which the scheduler
stuff would be.

So: my question/proposal was this: lets set a couple of MVPs.

0: slick install homogeneous nodes:
 - ask about nodes and register them with nova baremetal / Ironic (can
use those APIs directly)
 - apply some very simple heuristics to turn that into a cloud:
   - 1 machine - all in one
   - 2 machines - separate hypervisor and the rest
   - 3 machines - two hypervisors and the rest
   - 4 machines - two hypervisors, HA the rest
   - 5 + scale out hypervisors
 - so total forms needed = 1 gather hw details
 - internals: heat template with one machine flavor used

1: add support for heterogeneous nodes:
 - for each service (storage compute etc) supply a list of flavors
we're willing to have that run on
 - pass that into the heat template
 - teach heat to deal with flavor specific resource exhaustion by
asking for a different flavor (or perhaps have nova accept multiple
flavors and 'choose one that works'): details to be discussed with
heat // nova at the right time.

2: add support for anti-affinity for HA setups:
 - here we get into the question about short term deliverables vs long
term desire, but at least we'll have a polished installer already.


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