[openstack-dev] [Nova] Hypervisor CI requirement and deprecation plan

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Tue Nov 26 16:07:02 UTC 2013

On 11/26/2013 09:56 AM, Russell Bryant wrote:
> On 11/26/2013 09:38 AM, Bob Ball wrote:
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>>> On 11/26/2013 04:48 AM, Bob Ball wrote:
>>>> I hope we can safely say that we should run against all "gating" tests which
>>> require Nova?  Currently we run quite a number of tests in the gate that
>>> succeed even when Nova is not running as the gate isn't just for Nova but
>>> for all projects.
>>> Would you like to come up with a more detailed proposal?  What tests
>>> would you cut, and how much time does it save?
>> I don't have a detailed proposal yet - but it's very possible that we'll want one in the coming weeks. 
>> In terms of the time saved, I noticed that a tempest smoke run with Nova absent took 400 seconds on one of my machines (a particularly slow one) - so I imagine that would translate to maybe a 300 second / 5 minute reduction in overall time.  Total smoke took approximately 800 seconds on the same machine.
> I don't think the smoke tests are really relevant here.  That's not
> related to Nova vs non-Nova tests, right?
>> If the approach could be acceptable then yes, I'm happy to come up with a detailed set of tests that I would propose cutting.
>> My primary hesitation with the approach is it would need Tempest reviewers to be aware of this extra type of test, and flag up if a test is added to the full tempest suite which should also be in the nova tempest suite.
> Right now I don't think it's acceptable.  I was suggesting a more
> detailed proposal to help convince me.  :-)

So we already have the beginnings of service tags in Tempest, that would
let you slice exactly like this. I don't think the infrastructure is
fully complete yet, but the idea being that you could run the subset of
tests that interact with "compute" or "networking" in any real way.

Realize... that's not going to drop that many tests for something like
compute, it's touched a lot.


Sean Dague

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