[openstack-dev] [Trove][Savanna][Murano][Heat] Unified Agent proposal discussion at Summit

Mike Spreitzer mspreitz at us.ibm.com
Mon Nov 25 18:34:33 UTC 2013

I am sorry I missed that session, but am interested in the topic.  This is 
very relevant to Heat, where we are working on software configuration in 
general.  I desire that Heat's ability to configure software will meet the 
needs of Trove, Savanna, and Murano.

At IBM we worked several Hadoop examples, with some similar to (but 
distinct from) Heat for software configuration and also something doing 
holistic infrastructure scheduling (so that, e.g., we could get locally 
attached storage).  The software was described using an additional concept 
for software components, and we expressed the automation as chef roles. 
For coordination between VMs we used Ruby metaprogramming to intercept 
access to certain members of the node[][] arrays, replacing plain array 
access with distributed reads and writes to shared variables (which can 
not be read until after they are written, thus providing synchronization 
as well as data dependency).  We used ZooKeeper to implement those shared 
variables, but that is just one possible implementation approach; I think 
wait condition/handle/signal makes more sense as the one to use in 

The current thinking in Heat is to make a generic agent based on 
os-collect-config; it could be specialized to Heat by a hook.  The agent 
would poll for stuff to do and then do it; in the chef case, "stuff" could 
be, e.g., a role in a cookbook.  I think this could meet the requirements 
listed on https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/UnifiedAgents

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