[openstack-dev] [Ironic] comment on IceHouse firmware update etherpad

Hsu, Wan-Yen wan-yen.hsu at hp.com
Mon Nov 18 22:18:46 UTC 2013


     I read the etherpad for firmware update.    I have a comment:

*         if the node already has an instance on it, do we want to be able to update the firmware
o   tenant shouldn't care/know about firmware updates
o   need to migrate off first, so no
o   i.e. we can't disrupt the tenant

   IMO the decision should be pending on platform capability.  Some platforms can stage firmware update online or update firmware online.  Therefore, it is fine to update firmware on those platforms even when instances are running on them.  IMO Ironic should let platform to decide whether it can update firmware  or stage firmware update when a node already has an instance on it.  I think this can be done via an API.  Thanks!


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