[openstack-dev] Split of the openstack-dev list

Brian Cline bcline at softlayer.com
Mon Nov 18 18:03:31 UTC 2013

Honestly, with that reasoning, this approach strikes me as a technical solution to a political problem, a band-aid on a sprained ankle, and so on and so forth in that pattern.

There was no shortage of talk about cross-project coordination challenges in HK and Portland, so it shouldn't be news to anyone -- but keeping all project lists consolidated into one doesn't seem like a good solution if we're already doing that today and still have just as much cross-project coordination problems. That coordination should be fostered separately through process by OS leadership, rather than mailing list structure.

For what it's worth, I much prefer Caitlin's and Stefano's approach, separate established project lists with a single list for incubator projects. The tagging here isn't always consistent (or there at all sometimes -- we've all made that mistake before), so things often slip by the filters. I have 14 rules set up to catch most of the core projects, and I'm still getting tons more general dev discussion than I can keep up with (something I really *want* to be able to do, as both a developer and implementor).


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On 11/14/2013 07:54 PM, Caitlin Bestler wrote:
> On 11/14/2013 5:12 AM, Thierry Carrez wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I think that we have recently reached critical mass for the
>> openstack-dev mailing-list, with 2267 messages posted in October, and
>> November well on its way to pass 2000 again. Some of those are just
>> off-topic (and I've been regularly fighting against them) but most of
>> them are just about us covering an ever-increasing scope, stretching the
>> definition of what we include in "openstack development".
>> Therefore I'd like to propose a split between two lists:
>> *openstack-dev*: Discussions on future development for OpenStack
>> official projects
>> *stackforge-dev*: Discussions on development for stackforge-hosted
>> projects
> I would suggest that each *established* project (core or incubator) have
> its own mailing list, and that "openstack-dev" be reserved for
> topics of potential interest across multiple projects (which new
> projects would qualify as).

We've actually explicitly avoiding this model for quite some time on
purpose. The main reason being that one of the hardest challenges we
have is cross-project collaboration. Hacking just one one project? Not
so hard. Producing the output of 18 in a coordinated fashion? Hard.

Everyone does a great job so far of prefixing things.

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