[openstack-dev] [Neutron] Neutron Tempest code sprint - 2nd week of January, Montreal, QC, Canada

Anita Kuno anteaya at anteaya.info
Fri Nov 15 10:33:16 UTC 2013

On 11/14/2013 06:45 PM, Miguel Lavalle wrote:
> Anita,
> I am interested in attending this event. I have already talked to my 
> manager and he is open to fund my trip.
Wonderful. This is great news, Miguel. I look forward to meeting you.
> I need to put together a budget, though, in order to get final approval.
That makes sense.
> What is the estimated daily rate for the chosen hotel / venue?
I have looked at selecting a designated hotel and I don't think I am 
going to go that route. I will explain why.

If I go with a block of rooms at one location, and meeting rooms plus 
daily food, I can't get comfortable with what they want to charge me on 
a per person basis.

If I go with a location by itself (which I have a tentative hold on) and 
food by itself (awaiting a menu from a caterer) then I am feeling the 
numbers will come in to a reasonable amount. This option would mean that 
attendees are on their own for hotel bookings. Taking a quick look at 
kayak.com and filtering for 10 km to the intended location, the prices 
for some rooms will match or beat any prices I have gotten back from the 
hotel I have contacted.

I think I am going to have to go with attendees are on their own for 
rooms. Less than an ideal situation in one sense, but much more doable 
from an organization point of view for me - I just have to focus on the 
meeting room and daily food, much easier to come to a reasonable budget 
in my mind. This would cover breakfast, tea/coffee and lunch. I still 
don't know what to do about dinner. I would like us to have the option 
to congregate as a group - I don't think a sit down dinner is 
reasonable, something more conducive to mingling. But I haven't gotten 
there yet, suggestions welcome.

Having attendees organize their own accommodations worked fine for the 
Infra Boot Camp in New York City in June, so I hope it will work as well 

I hope this frees you up to make your own choices, Miguel, and submit 
your budget for approval.

Let me know your thoughts and if you need more from me.

> Looking forward to see you in Montreal
> Cheers
> Miguel
> On Wed, Nov 13, 2013 at 10:10 AM, Anita Kuno <anteaya at anteaya.info 
> <mailto:anteaya at anteaya.info>> wrote:
>     Neutron Tempest code sprint
>     In the second week of January in Montreal, Quebec, Canadathere
>     will be a Neutron Tempest code sprint to improve the status of
>     Neutron tests in Tempest and to add new tests.
>     It will be a 3 day event. Right now there are 14 peoplewho came
>     forward when it was announced on the Friday at the summit. We need
>     to know how many additional people are interested in attending.
>     This is an impromptu event based on my assessment of the need for
>     this to happen, so don't feel left out if you didn't know about it
>     in advance.
>     We picked Montreal for two main reasons:
>     1. All 4 people whose attendance is critical (markmclain,
>     salv-orlando, sdague and mtrenish) can get there. It was New York
>     or Montreal.
>     2. I can't think in New York, love it, can't compose a thought, so
>     Montreal it is.
>     It turns out this location choice has some resultant effects:
>     1. People who wouldn't have time to get a visa to attend an event
>     in the States have an easier time entering Canada.
>         US requires visa applications filed 2 months in advance of
>     travel and we are inside that timeframe.
>     2. Montreal is cheaper than NYC.
>     3. Being Canadian it is going to be easier for me to produce this
>     event in Canada since I am in Canada.
>     4. It will be cold. We had few choices on the timing and this
>     event can't wait on good weather.
>     There is no location that will make everyone happy, so people will
>     be disappointed by this choice and I accept that. It is my hope
>     that this event is a success and we can create a schedule of some
>     sort so that people who have a high possibility of attending can
>     vote on the location. So that is the future vision.
>     I have a tenative hold on a venue and am working on getting a rate
>     on a block of rooms at a hotel.
>     I am preparing a budget to submit to the Foundation in the hopes
>     they will sponsor the event. Since this was planned with no
>     warning, the Foundation has no budget for it. Mark is supportive
>     of the event happening and if I can come up with some reasonable
>     numbers, I hope that the money can come from the Foundation.
>     The event will be vendor neutral. We will talk to each other based
>     on who we are and our interests, not based on who signs our
>     paycheque. If folks arrive with logoed shirts (I don't know which
>     logos are work logos and which aren't, so I will request no logos
>     please) I will issue you a white T-shirt to wear. We need to work
>     collaboratively to effectlvely make progress during the code sprint.
>     Someone at the summit choose not to wear footwear at the event. If
>     you want to come to the code sprint please plan on wearing
>     appropriate footwear in the public areas at the code sprint. For
>     two reasons:
>     1. It will be cold.
>     2. The event is meant to facilitate mutual respect between us to
>     increase communication, both at the event and afterwards. I feel
>     wearing appropriate footwear supports this goal.
>     Please indicate your interest by sending an email to
>     anteaya at anteaya.info <mailto:anteaya at anteaya.info>, subject
>     "Neutron Tempest code sprint". Don't worry about the body of the
>     email, I just need addresses. We will send out subsequent emails
>     to this group to gather specific details like shirt size, dietary
>     requirements. If you came forward at the summit, no need to email
>     again.
>     If you want to come, but don't feel your employer will fund the
>     trip, please include that information in the email. It will depend
>     on what we can do for accomodation and travel but hopefully we
>     will have a little bit for a few folks. Of course please talk to
>     your manager now to work on getting approval to attend, and
>     hopefully your employeer will fund your travel and accomodation.
>     Additional questions? Hit me up on irc in #openstack-neutron nick
>     anteaya. I read the neutron logs:
>     http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/irclogs/%23openstack-neutron/So I
>     will get back to you if I am not around when you ask.
>     Also rossella_s has come forward to help, thank you rossella_s!
>     Thanks,
>     Anita.
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