[openstack-dev] [Neutron] Neutron Tempest code sprint - 2nd week of January, Montreal, QC, Canada

Miguel Lavalle miguel at mlavalle.com
Thu Nov 14 23:45:32 UTC 2013


I am interested in attending this event. I have already talked to my
manager and he is open to fund my trip. I need to put together a budget,
though, in order to get final approval. What is the estimated daily rate
for the chosen hotel / venue?

Looking forward to see you in Montreal



On Wed, Nov 13, 2013 at 10:10 AM, Anita Kuno <anteaya at anteaya.info> wrote:

> Neutron Tempest code sprint
> In the second week of January in Montreal, Quebec, Canadathere will be a
> Neutron Tempest code sprint to improve the status of Neutron tests in
> Tempest and to add new tests.
> It will be a 3 day event. Right now there are 14 peoplewho came forward
> when it was announced on the Friday at the summit. We need to know how many
> additional people are interested in attending.
> This is an impromptu event based on my assessment of the need for this to
> happen, so don't feel left out if you didn't know about it in advance.
> We picked Montreal for two main reasons:
> 1. All 4 people whose attendance is critical (markmclain, salv-orlando,
> sdague and mtrenish) can get there. It was New York or Montreal.
> 2. I can't think in New York, love it, can't compose a thought, so
> Montreal it is.
> It turns out this location choice has some resultant effects:
> 1. People who wouldn't have time to get a visa to attend an event in the
> States have an easier time entering Canada.
>     US requires visa applications filed 2 months in advance of travel and
> we are inside that timeframe.
> 2. Montreal is cheaper than NYC.
> 3. Being Canadian it is going to be easier for me to produce this event in
> Canada since I am in Canada.
> 4. It will be cold. We had few choices on the timing and this event can't
> wait on good weather.
> There is no location that will make everyone happy, so people will be
> disappointed by this choice and I accept that. It is my hope that this
> event is a success and we can create a schedule of some sort so that people
> who have a high possibility of attending can vote on the location. So that
> is the future vision.
> I have a tenative hold on a venue and am working on getting a rate on a
> block of rooms at a hotel.
> I am preparing a budget to submit to the Foundation in the hopes they will
> sponsor the event. Since this was planned with no warning, the Foundation
> has no budget for it. Mark is supportive of the event happening and if I
> can come up with some reasonable numbers, I hope that the money can come
> from the Foundation.
> The event will be vendor neutral. We will talk to each other based on who
> we are and our interests, not based on who signs our paycheque. If folks
> arrive with logoed shirts (I don't know which logos are work logos and
> which aren't, so I will request no logos please) I will issue you a white
> T-shirt to wear. We need to work collaboratively to effectlvely make
> progress during the code sprint.
> Someone at the summit choose not to wear footwear at the event. If you
> want to come to the code sprint please plan on wearing appropriate footwear
> in the public areas at the code sprint. For two reasons:
> 1. It will be cold.
> 2. The event is meant to facilitate mutual respect between us to increase
> communication, both at the event and afterwards. I feel wearing appropriate
> footwear supports this goal.
> Please indicate your interest by sending an email to anteaya at anteaya.info,
> subject "Neutron Tempest code sprint". Don't worry about the body of the
> email, I just need addresses. We will send out subsequent emails to this
> group to gather specific details like shirt size, dietary requirements. If
> you came forward at the summit, no need to email again.
> If you want to come, but don't feel your employer will fund the trip,
> please include that information in the email. It will depend on what we can
> do for accomodation and travel but hopefully we will have a little bit for
> a few folks. Of course please talk to your manager now to work on getting
> approval to attend, and hopefully your employeer will fund your travel and
> accomodation.
> Additional questions? Hit me up on irc in #openstack-neutron nick anteaya.
> I read the neutron logs: http://eavesdrop.openstack.
> org/irclogs/%23openstack-neutron/So I will get back to you if I am not
> around when you ask.
> Also rossella_s has come forward to help, thank you rossella_s!
> Thanks,
> Anita.
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