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On Nov 13, 2013, at 9:28 AM, Doug Hellmann <doug.hellmann at dreamhost.com<mailto:doug.hellmann at dreamhost.com>> wrote:

On Sun, Nov 10, 2013 at 10:15 AM, Noorul Islam K M <noorul at noorul.com<mailto:noorul at noorul.com>> wrote:

Hello all,

I registered a new blueprint [1] for command line client interface for
Solum. We need to decide whether we should have a separate repository
for this or go with new unified CLI framework [2]. Since Solum is not
part of OpenStack I think it is not the right time to go with the
unified CLI.

One of the key features of the cliff framework used for the unified command line app is that the subcommands can be installed independently of the main program. So you can write plugins that work with the openstack client, but put them in the solum client library package (and source repository). That would let you, for example:

  $ pip install python-solumclient
  $ pip install python-openstackclient
  $ openstack solum make me a paas

Dean has done a lot of work to design a consistent "noun-followed-by-verb" command structure, so please look at that work when picking subcommand names (for example, you shouldn't use solum as a prefix as I did in my example above, since we are removing the project names from the commands).

Are you referring to "openstack solum …" in your suggestion of what not to do? If there is no project name in there, how would it work? Would we have a flat global namespace for all verbs?

I could imagine the following verb/noun combinations off the bat:

deploy app

list assemblies
list plans
list services

get assembly <assembly_name|uri>
get plan <plan_name|uri>
get service <service_name|uri>

scale assembly <assembly_name|uri> (+|-n)
resize du <assembly_name|uri>
start assembly
stop assembly

delete assembly
delete app

What about using combined noun+verb combinations, so you would end up with commands like:


…etc. That might be more specific and require less processing logic.



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