[openstack-dev] [nova] Blueprint for Juniper OpenContrail vrouter nova vif driver support

Russell Bryant rbryant at redhat.com
Wed Nov 13 10:49:50 UTC 2013

On 11/12/2013 11:28 PM, Kyle Mestery (kmestery) wrote:
> On Nov 12, 2013, at 10:02 PM, Harshad Nakil <hnakil at contrailsystems.com> wrote:
>> Kyle,
>> These requirement should also be required for existing third plugins.
>> Will you allow new patches to existing plugins without this requirement?
>> I hope we don't end up creating multiple classes of citizens.
>> Regards
>> -Harshad
> All plugins will require the Smokestack/Tempest tests to be claimed as
> supported. This will be required by Icehouse-2. The only thing I am
> bringing up here is whether or not we allow new plugins into the tree
> without the tests, given we're already in the Icehouse development cycle.
> That's what I suspect we need more input on from the rest of the Neutron
> core team.

If you're going to require it for all plugins by icehouse-2 to stay in
the tree, then it makes sense to not merge any new ones without it, IMO.

I fully support this move by the Neutron team.  If it's not tested, it's
broken.  If it's broken, it needs to get fixed or removed.  This is
consistent with OpenStack development culture and requirements being put
in place in other projects.

Russell Bryant

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