[openstack-dev] [qa] Policy on spelling and grammar

David Ripton dripton at redhat.com
Mon Nov 11 20:46:30 UTC 2013

On 11/11/2013 02:28 PM, Tim Bell wrote:
> As a speaker of the Queen's English, I find flavor to be incorrect.
> Does that mean I can -1 any patch that does not use flavour ?

If the project had a policy that British English is the only acceptable
spelling, yes.  Since it doesn't, no.  (Unless we did use "flavour"
everywhere, at which point you could argue from consistency.)

> At CERN, we are working with 130 countries in a single community. The
> value of the contribution of non-english speakers far exceeds the
> occasional misunderstandings.

Absolutely.  Nobody is saying that a -1 for spelling or grammar negates 
the value of the contribution, just that it needs a little tweak before 
it goes in.

> Giving grammar/spellings -1 excludes major sections of the community
> from contribution.

No it does not.  You give the -1 and explain exactly why, the 
contributor re-submits with the trivial fix, and you change your -1 to a 
+1.  Just like with any other minor problems found in code review.

> As our aim is meritocracy (in python, computer architecture and
> design rather than spelling), I'd propose
> - If someone identifies a need for clarification/correction as part
> of a review, they also submit the replacement text rather than just
> -1. - The submitter incorporates that change into a patch

Of course.  This is what already happens almost all of the time IMX.

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