[openstack-dev] [summit] Youtube stream from Design Summit?

Chris Jones cmsj at tenshu.net
Mon Nov 11 13:25:13 UTC 2013


On 5 November 2013 16:28, Christopher Yeoh <cbkyeoh at gmail.com> wrote:

> IMO video doesn't really matter as the most critical thing to see is the
> etherpad

I think it would be interesting to experiment with having a Hangout up on
the projected display.

My experience of remote participation at the Ubuntu Developer Summits of
old (projecting IRC up onto the second display) was that the folk in the
room didn't notice the IRC session very much, it was just noisy background
text. When interaction did happen it felt very strange and you had a lot of
latency (because typing).

A hangout ought to allow remote people to make themselves heard *and* do
the funky switch-video-to-active-speaker thing, so people in the room get a
giant visual clue that someone is trying to take part.

It's a lot of extra tech overhead for the folks running the summit though,
so I would suggest just starting it in the most popular track (or a track
which we know is going to need a high degree of remote participation
because key folk have been unable to attend in person).


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