[openstack-dev] RFC: reverse the default Gerrit sort order

Morgan Fainberg m at metacloud.com
Mon Nov 11 02:21:51 UTC 2013

The point of my minus 1 was to allow me to toggle it as needed if t really
disrupted my workflow to hit the important reviews.  Regardless of the
technical issues (rebuilding gerrit) I would support the default being
changed, just a way to swap it back for an adjustment period.

My last email was a little short to convey that.
--Morgan Fainberg

On Sunday, November 10, 2013, Robert Collins wrote:

> On 9 November 2013 01:51, Morgan Fainberg <m at metacloud.com <javascript:;>>
> wrote:
> >  I agree this would be interesting but if it isn't configurable (e.g. A
> > mechanism to support current behavior) I think this would very much
> disrupt
> > the workflow I use.  If configurable, I'd be open to it, if not
> configurable
> > I have to say -1 to this idea.
> Sadly it sounds like it's impossible (modulo rebuilding Gerrit)
> anyhow, so its moot. That said, the /point/ of such an experiment is
> to change peoples easy-path behaviour, so I take your -1 as evidence
> that this would change your behaviour, and thus something we should
> try :)
> -Rob
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