[openstack-dev] [Heat] Do we need to clean up resource_id after deletion?

Christopher Armstrong chris.armstrong at rackspace.com
Fri Nov 1 18:34:56 UTC 2013

Vijendar and I are trying to figure out if we need to set the resource_id
of a resource to None when it's being deleted.

This is done in a few resources, but not everywhere. To me it seems either

a) redundant, since the resource is going to be deleted anyway (thus
deleting the row in the DB that has the resource_id column)
b) actively harmful to useful debuggability, since if the resource is
soft-deleted, you'll not be able to find out what physical resource it
represented before it's cleaned up.

Is there some specific reason we should be calling resource_id_set(None) in
a check_delete_complete method?

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Christopher Armstrong
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