[openstack-dev] Horizon PTL candidacy

Lyle, David david.lyle at hp.com
Fri Nov 1 15:46:50 UTC 2013

I would like to announce my candidacy for the Horizon PTL.

I have been developing, extending and contributing to Horizon through the Grizzly and Havana releases serving as a core team member in the Havana cycle.  And most recently in Icehouse, being interim PTL.

At the Havana OpenStack Summit, I led a design session on Keystone v3 and multiple region support in Horizon. During the Havana cycle, I contributed multi-region support, significant parts of Keystone v3 support, and the role based access control engine including enforcement for identity. While consistently reviewing changes:


Over the course of the Havana cycle, we've seen significant growth in the number of contributors to Horizon.  I would like to see that growth continue and also see significant growth in the number of active reviewers.  As PTL, I would enable continued growth by being highly engaged and easily accessible while encouraging greater communication and collaboration across our strong community of contributors.

In Icehouse, I would like to see updates to the overall user experience in Horizon to allow for greater extensibility and better overall user experience.
This includes:

-Improved navigation control -- 
    The current navigation implementation is not very extensible, and could 
    stand some overall improvement regarding context and organization.  

-Use of role based access control to reduce code redundancy -- 
    We currently have nearly duplicate panels for the end user and 
    administrators, by incorporating role base checks on actions and the 
    methods that load data into the page, we can reduce the duplication and 
    have common panels that work for both classes of user.

-Workflows that better and more intuitively support common use cases -- 
    The current UI requires a fair amount of domain knowledge for an end user 
    to be able to create entities in the stack.  I want to work to include a 
    general wizard widget into the horizon library that can be leveraged to walk
    users through common use cases like spinning up their first instance.

-Continued support for projects coming out of incubation and active support for new features in existing projects 

-Greater extensibility -- 
    Horizon really has two purposes, one a library to build other UIs from, 
    and two a working reference UI for OpenStack. While a great deal of effort 
    is spent achieving the second purpose, the former still has great value 
    and we need to continue to make the horizon library work in other UI 

-Views for administrators that work in for large installations -- 
    The panels as currently designed provide no meaningful way to filter data.
    There are a high number of API calls per panel and API calls that are not 
    filtering, but rather calling for every item of a given type.

For those who aren't familiar with me from IRC, Horizon meetings or other interactions, I work for HP on Horizon where we use Horizon to manage the HP Public Cloud. Previously, I've held architect, technical lead and project manager positions.

David Lyle

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