[openstack-dev] [TripleO] Releases of this week

Roman Podoliaka rpodolyaka at mirantis.com
Fri Nov 1 15:38:54 UTC 2013

Hi all,

This week I've been doing releases of all projects, which belong to
TripleO program. Here are release notes you might be interested in:

    os-collect-config  - 0.1.5 (was 0.1.4):
        - default polling interval was reduced to 30 seconds
        - requirements were updated to use the new iso8601 version
fixing important bugs

    diskimage-builder - 0.0.9 (was 0.0.8)
         - added support for bad Fedora image mirrors (retry the
request once on 404)
         - removed dependency on dracut-network from fedora element
         - fixed the bug with removing of lost+found dir if it's not found

    tripleo-image-elements  - 0.1.0 (was 0.0.4)
         - switched to tftpd-hpa on Fedora and Ubuntu
         - made it possible to disable file injection in Nova
         - switched seed vm to Neutron native PXE
         - added Fedora support to apache2 element
         - fixed processing of routes in init-neutron-ovs
         - fixed Heat watch server url key name in seed vm metadata

    tripleo-heat-templates - 0.1.0 (was 0.0.1)
         - disabled Nova Baremetal file injection (undercloud)
         - made LaunchConfiguration resources mergeable
         - made neutron public interface configurable (overcloud)
         - made it possible to set public interface IP (overcloud)
         - allowed making the public interface a VLAN (overcloud)
         - added a wait condition for signalling that overcloud is ready
         - added metadata for Nova floating-ip extension
         - added tuskar API service configuration
         - hid AdminToken in Heat templates
         - added Ironic service configuration

     tuskar - 0.0.2 (was 0.0.1)
         - made it possible to pass Glance image id
         - fixed the bug with duplicated Resource Class names

     tuskar-ui - 0.0.2 (was 0.0.1)
          - resource class creation form no longer ignores the image selection
          - separated flavors creation step
          - fail gracefully on node detail page when no overcloud
          - added validation of MAC addresses and CIDR values
          - stopped appending Resource Class name to Resource Class flavors
          - fixed JS warnings when $ is not available
          - fixed links and naming in Readme
          - various code and test fixes (pep8, refactoring)

      python-tuskarclient - 0.0.2 (was 0.0.1)
          - fixed processing of 301 response code

      os-apply-config and os-refresh-config haven't had new commits
since the last release

This also means that:
1. We are now releasing all the projects we have.
2. *tuskar* projects have got PyPi entries.

Last but not least.

I'd like to say a big thank you to Chris Jones who taught me 'Release
Management 101' and provided patches to openstack/infra-config to make
all our projects 'releasable'; Robert Collins for his advice on
version numbering; Clark Boylan and Jeremy Stanley for landing of
Gerrit ACL patches and debugging PyPi uploads issues; Radomir
Dopieralski and Tomas Sedovic for landing a quick fix to tuskar-ui.

Thank you all guys, you've helped me a lot!


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