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Fri Nov 1 07:41:26 UTC 2013

A message from my associate as he wings to the Icehouse OpenStack summit
(and yes, we're psyched):

Hi OpenStackers,

We, a team within Huawei, are excited to tell you about an OpenStack
related project we’ve been working on and will be introducing at the summit.

Our project, code named Compass is a Restful API driven deployment platform
that performs discovery of the physical machines attached to a specified
set of switches. It then customizes configurations for machines you
identify and installs the systems and networks to your configuration specs.
Besides presenting the technical internals and design decisions of
at the Icehouse summit, we will also have a  demo

Our code repository will be available soon on github, and our project Wiki
page is at https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Compass. We would like to use
the summit as an opportunity to collect feedback and inputs toward Compass,
and we would like to seek collaborations with other projects wherever it
makes sense. For example, Compass installs an OpenStack system that could
be the “seed OpenStack” for TripleO.  Or, it could be the working base of
your OpenStack deployment.

The current status of our project looks as follows.

o   A Restful API server works in place

o   A demo UI frontend consuming our Restful API (*as we provide Restful
API, a third-party UI can be easily pluggable*)

o   An adapter interface for automatic resource discovery with topology
awareness (*Huawei switch plug-in and HP switch plug-in have been tested,
and it should be a matter of thin plug-ins for other network vendors’

o   An adapter interface for configuration management tools and we have
implemented the Chef plug-in (*we are willing to work with other CM tools,
and it should be a matter of thin plug-ins***)

o   A Cobbler interface for OS provisioning

o   An interface for policy driven service deployment

We look forward to showing the community our project, receiving and
incorporating, brainstorming what else it could do, and integrating it into
the OpenStack family .  We are a part of the OpenStack community and want
to support it both with core participation and with Compass.

Last but not least, I look forward to talking to you in our technical
internals session.



*  Just like OpenStack openness makes it a valuable game-changing cloud
solution, we hope we can work with other hardware vendors to make OpenStack
universally available on various hardware platforms in a streamlined

** We feel there may exist great opportunities for us to work with other CM
tools if needed and build solutions
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