[openstack-dev] Oslo PTL candidacy

Mark McLoughlin markmc at redhat.com
Mon Mar 4 13:16:04 UTC 2013


I'd like to put my name forward as a candidate for Oslo PTL.

I've only been PTL for 6 months, so hopefully what I wrote last time
should still apply. Let see!

  (edited to s/openstack-common/Oslo/ and s/PPB/TC/)

  I helped start the project with Jason Kölker in January and wrote the
  plan we've been following:


  Since then, I've been doing reviews, triaging bugs and organizing the
  blueprints for the project. At the Folsom Design Summit, I lead
  several sessions on Oslo related topics.

  I also wrote the cfg API and worked to ensure its use across

  Recently, the TC decided that Oslo should officially have a PTL and I 
  was appointed to the position in the interim.

  As elected PTL, I would increase my focus on moving the project 
  forward. My goals for the Grizzly cycle would be:

  - Finalize the renaming of the project to Oslo
  - Rename the openstack-common repo to oslo-incubator
  - Promote the cfg and rpc APIs out of incubation
  - Agree on a versioning scheme for oslo-* releases
  - Release the first versions of the oslo-config and oslo-messaging 
  - Help with merging services infrastructure, WSGI and DB APIs into 
    the incubator
  - Help OpenStack projects adopt existing incubating APIs
  - Clear out some of the unused/stale APIs out of the incubator

  Like all other PTLs, I would also do my best to encourage new 
  contributors, guide the development of new features, review patches,
  triage bugs and serve as a contact point for the project.

Most of the above has been accomplished, so for Havana I think the
primary goals of the project should be:

  - Promote the rpc APIs out of incubation as the oslo-messaging library
  - Ensure the recently added service infrastructure APIs are adopted 
    by Nova
  - Ensure the recently added scheduler filter APIs are adopted by Nova
  - Make some progress on a WSGI API all projects can use


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