[openstack-dev] [cinder] core nominations and process

John Griffith john.griffith at solidfire.com
Wed Jul 17 19:42:26 UTC 2013

Hey Everyone,

So I don't want to perpetuate the email regarding the most recent
nomination, and I'd also like to not cloud any thoughts regarding current
nominations.  I think the point has come across and we all have more
important work to do.

I would however like to share some thoughts about Cinder core again (I did
this last time around here: [1]).  I received mixed responses from folks
about this approach, and as with most things my thoughts, ideas and
processes are continually evolving here.

I've had a number of discussions with folks since this email and in recent
weeks about core and core criteria and we've definitely circled back to
core being more strictly about review participation (those folks that
hammered me on this, *yes, you told me so*).  The main job of core member
is to review, therefore that should be the deciding factor.  Even though
participation and activity in the community is incredibly important and
valuable, the job is to do core reviews.

That being said we're going to focus more on review activity than anything
else.  This also means that each cycle we'll likely do a clean up of core
and remove folks who don't seem to have the time or interest in
participating as much as they may have in the past.

Anyway, please be clear... the entire Cinder team is MORE than interested
in active participation, especially in the form of reviews and I don't
believe that there is any shortage for more core reviewers, regardless of
company affiliation, type of dog they have etc.

I'd still like to encourage and welcome anybody and everybody interested to
jump in and participate in Cinder reviews.

Just for a point of reference, Mike Perez and I have *borrowed* Russell's
useful script once again and tabulated the review results over the last 30
days to give some perspective [2].


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