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Julien Danjou julien at danjou.info
Wed Jan 30 13:32:09 UTC 2013

On Tue, Jan 29 2013, Angus Salkeld wrote:

> Nice walk through, I need to try digest how that is all going to fit together.
> It initially seems to me that there is a new entity "Notification/TracePoint"?
> They don't really seem like meters, and it might make sense to just model
> correctly rather than trying to squeeze them into meters.


From what I understand from your video, StackTach logs raw notifications
and then feed data into a few tables, doing some computing.

So what it does is down to:
1. Stock raw notifications
2. Compute values from these notifications and cache them (= store them
   into a few tables)
   Some of these values might be meters.

I don't think Ceilometer collector is going to store raw notifications.
There's no point into the whole Ceilometer project to store this data.

Your best call here is probably to keep that part of StackTach if you
really need all the raw notifications.

For things are likely to be meter (i.e. things with a duration and/or a
volume), you can write some Ceilometer notification plugin building a
bunch of meter from what you get. Multi-publisher can also help you
building more advanced counter through the use of transformer if you

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