[openstack-dev] Quantum: plugin testing with VM port without Nova

Isaku Yamahata yamahata at valinux.co.jp
Fri Jan 18 01:13:53 UTC 2013

Hi Openstack developers.

I'd like to introduce quantum test cases that excesses VM-port
(e.g. live-migration, security group) without Nova running.
Devstack and tempest assumes that Nova is running for quantum test.
Is that right? Is there any easy way to test Quantum with VM-port?

As long as I see, Qauntum has debug-agent and it can be run without nova,
but it create port based on Quantum interface driver, and it is unable
to create VM-port. So some enhancement is necessary for my goal. Right?

Any thoughts and comments?

As there are many plugins for software bridge (linux bridge/ovs)
in the tree now and probably more coming.
Since devstack/tempest assumed nova running right now for testing Quantum,
the tests takes long time, it is fragile because of inter-dependence of
version/changeset of the each tree. So it has become difficult to test
those plugins for software bridge.
So I'd like to make quantum tests less dependent on Nova.
Thus all the plugin for software bridge benefits from it.

Blue Print:
Make quantum test of plugins run without nova (except vif driver?).

So make them testable without nova, it will help the development as
- it will make quantum test faster
- it will make easier to test more advanced functionalities
  (live-migration, security group) with each plugins at lower level.
  And more detailed test case can be build easily.
  e.g. I think, security group is poorly tested right now.
- it will make diagnose easier because it doesn't involves guest OS.
- If multi compute-node is emulated within single host, it would be desirable.

Necessary steps:
- replace nova with stub code
  probably an agent on each node.
  - creates/deletes ports (which maybe calls vif driver)
- make quantum existing test work without nova
  tempest? Is this worthwhile?
- add more tests
  e.g. live-migration without nova.
- hopefully tests can run on single machine by using name space to emulate
  multi host


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