[openstack-dev] Enabling Voting of quantum-gating

Nachi Ueno nachi at nttmcl.com
Thu Jan 17 23:43:29 UTC 2013

Hi OpenStack developers

We are going to enable voting of quantum-gating.

We test quantum-gating as non-voting job for several weeks, and it looks
working well except relatively high timeout rate.

We observe one issue, timeout rate is 6% for quantum-gating ( for
non-quantum gating it is 1%). Every timeout talkes 60 sec for booting
VMs ( normally it is 30 sec).
We assume this is because of the number of VM launched in quantum-gate
is bigger than non-quantum one.
We definitely keep investigating this, but the affects looks small.
so we increased ACTIVE_TIMEOUT from 60sec to 90 sec.

If you face any issue related with quantum-gating,
please mail me ( Nachi Ueno nachi at nttmcl.com )

Thanks for helping enabling-gating > James, Clark and OpenStack-infra team!


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