[openstack-dev] Commit cutoff date for Summit codes

Alex Glikson GLIKSON at il.ibm.com
Wed Jan 16 18:35:14 UTC 2013

Just curious.. Did you also include people who appear only as co-authors 
within change set annotations?
Also, can the code be transferred to a different person if someone can not 
attend for certain reasons?


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Date:   16/01/2013 08:17 PM
Subject:        [openstack-dev] Commit cutoff date for Summit codes

Hi guys

we have sent a first batch of invites for the next Summit in Portland to 
all the people that have committed code to Folsom and Grizzly. We have 
pulled the data for this first batch on January 7th, so people that 
contributed for the first time after that date have not received the 
code *yet*.

We will be sending another batch after Grizzly-3 (February 21st).

best regards,

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