[openstack-dev] TC Motion: Evolution of the incubation process

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Wed Feb 6 16:16:10 UTC 2013

Hi, fellow members of the TC.

We expect the Incubation / Future of Core joint committee to make the
following recommendations. For our next meeting, I'd like the TC to
consider approving a motion containing the 6 recommendations below. This
will be a "special motion" as point 5 and 6 make changes to the TC
charter wording:

Recommendations for the Evolution of the Incubation Process

The Incubation / Future of Core ("IncUp") joint committee of the
Technical Committee ("TC") and the Foundation Board of Directors ("BoD")
reviewed the Incubation process and discussed how it should evolve in
light of the establishment of the Foundation.

The committee recommends the following changes for immediate
application. The TC is responsible for the Incubation Process and, as
such, the recommendations will need the approval of the TC. The
recommendation will also be presented at the next BoD meeting so that
the entire BoD has an opportunity to give further input and/or express
their support.

IncUp will continue to work on recommendations for what "Core" status
should mean and what criteria should be used when deciding whether to
apply core status to a project. The process by which an Integrated
project can be assigned "Core" status should be a separate, BoD managed

IncUp makes the following recommendations:

1. Incubation is the process managed by the TC through which a project
becomes part of the co-ordinated, integrated OpenStack release.

2. Projects which are part of a co-ordinated release should be referred
to as "Integrated" in that release. Previously this was one of the
meanings of the term "Core".

3. Projects apply to the TC to join Incubation. Their "incubation
request" is assessed by the TC on the basis of the project's technical
maturity and the appropriateness of its scope.

4. At the end of every development cycle, before PTL elections are held,
the TC carries out an "end of cycle graduation review" of the projects
currently in Incubation. Projects will graduate from Incubation if they
are considered mature, stable in design, complementary in scope and well
aligned to the development cycle and processes. Graduating projects will
be part of the next development cycle and fully integrated in subsequent
releases. Under the current 6 month release cycle, this means a
graduating project will be Integrated in the release 8 months after the
TC deems it ready to graduate from Incubation.

5. The TC charter[1] will be updated to replace the word "core" with
"integrated" as per (2). The effect of this change will be that PTLs for
projects graduating from Incubation will be automatically granted a seat
on the next TC.

6. The following sentence will be removed from the TC's charter: "The TC
recommends projects for Core status addition, combination, split or
deletion of the Board of Directors, which has the sole authority to
approve them". The process for assigning projects "core" status is still
under discussion, but we do not anticipate the process will be triggered
by a recommendation from the TC and, therefore, this statement is
inaccurate and should be removed. Further TC charter changes may be
recommended in future to reflect the new process for core status.

[1] http://wiki.openstack.org/Governance/Foundation/TechnicalCommittee

Please send comments, if any, to the openstack-dev list.


Mark McLoughlin
Thierry Carrez

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